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  • Name Changes on Social Media

    Hello dear listeners, With the release of our new show, Unbroken, coming up tomorrow (oh dear, now I’m freaking out) we are switching our page name on Facebook to “Saga Games Studio” from “Ectocast.” This is in order to keep you appraised of all the projects going on here in one place for your convenience....

    Name Changes on Social Media

  • A Bunch of Stupid Assholes Storm NYCC

    Hello you, yes you. The one reading this. Hi! Kevin here just saying hello. There was something else…. Oh right! Some of us went to New York Comic Con! Matt, Dawn, Ben, and Waldo took NYC by storm. Or so I’m told. I spent the weekend hanging with the real-life Ed the 5th who is...

    A Bunch of Stupid Assholes Storm NYCC

  • “All This Happened, More or Less.”

    Hello, and welcome to Saga Games Studio! We are a group of friends who play tabletop RPGs together. Some of us, or perhaps all of us, are narcissists, so when Matt recorded us playing in his Ghostbusters game we became hooked on hearing ourselves gaming. So we decided to make a podcast. However, we like...

    “All This Happened, More or Less.”

What’s this you say? Another actual play RPG Podcast?! Why yes, yes, it is. We here at Saga Games would like to welcome you to our premier into Podcasting! Welcome to EctoCast! In this podcast you will hear the charming musings of five “good” friends delightfully, and frightfully, capturing ghosts in this Ghostbuster themed Role Playing Game, all led by Ghostmaster Matt! We are raunchy as all hell and so easily distracted to the chagrin of our GM Matt. Please join us as we discover our voices and learn how to properly record things. We hope to bring you joy and laughter, along with some scares, and maybe just a touch of discomfort (we like to see you squirm!). Please stick with us as we discover fantastic phantasms and learn a little about ourselves too. This should be one hell of a trip!

The world always knew there were monsters under the bed. The world knew there were boogeymen in closets. The world knows there are things in the woods. Things neither human, nor animal. The world has turned a blind eye on these known things.

There is one emotion that can barricade a person’s natural desire to know what’s out there in the world. Fear.

One day something changed. Something forced that fearful world to break down the barricade and fight. Fight or be defeated. Defeat is not an option.

Welcome to the new world of Unbroken.

Join Boris, Sasha, Walter, Nora, and Jacob as they navigate the new world order in this modern urban fantasy setting.