“All This Happened, More or Less.”

“All This Happened, More or Less.”

Hello, and welcome to Saga Games Studio!

We are a group of friends who play tabletop RPGs together. Some of us, or perhaps all of us, are narcissists, so when Matt recorded us playing in his Ghostbusters game we became hooked on hearing ourselves gaming. So we decided to make a podcast. However, we like to game a lot so we thought it’d be best to set things up for the future just in case we don’t suck. And so, Saga Games Studio was born.

Our premiere podcast, EctoCast is up now. You can find the RSS feed for it here and on iTunes here. On release (6/4/2018), we will have episodes 0-5 available. After that, we will release every other Monday starting on 6/18/2018. We also hope to release shorter special episodes every so often as well. The audio in episode 0 is not good because Matt recorded it on his computer with us all online. However, the audio gets exponentially better each episode as we got equipment and learned what to do. The quality in episode 5 is what you can expect usually.

As for other shows, time will tell. Kevin runs numerous games himself and hopes to get one recorded for release eventually.

But for now, sit back, relax, and let us slime you with EctoCast.


With love,

The Saga Games Team


P.S. Credit to Kurt Vonnegut for the title of our premiere post. It seemed a fitting start for our studio.

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