Month: October 2018

Name Changes on Social Media

Hello dear listeners,

With the release of our new show, Unbroken, coming up tomorrow (oh dear, now I’m freaking out) we are switching our page name on Facebook to “Saga Games Studio” from “Ectocast.” This is in order to keep you appraised of all the projects going on here in one place for your convenience. So don’t be alarmed, we’re just growing as a studio and want to share everything we have to offer with you.


Peace, love, and happy gaming!

-Saga Games Studio

A Bunch of Stupid Assholes Storm NYCC

Hello you, yes you. The one reading this. Hi! Kevin here just saying hello. There was something else…. Oh right! Some of us went to New York Comic Con! Matt, Dawn, Ben, and Waldo took NYC by storm. Or so I’m told. I spent the weekend hanging with the real-life Ed the 5th who is about as smart as Ed the 4th to be honest. Anyways, check us out on Twitter at @Ectocast and on Facebook at to see some pictures of the gang enjoying the nerdiness!


And here’s a quick pic of Murphy exploring the space that is becoming my office/recording room!