The World of Unbroken: Mystical Elements

The elements in the diagram are the mystical components of everything that is known in the World of Unbroken. Traits, powers, tendencies, and more are ingrained in beings on a primal level by the elements that make them up and how they are connected.

Humans are composed of Spirit connected to Will, Control, and Life. However, none of the others connect to each other in most humans. This means humans are, in a way, weaker than other beings whose makeup contains a closed system. However, humans still contain four elements making them prime targets by things that feed on others like vampires, or things that enslave, capture, or trick beings to their own ends like demons or fae. Humans are the only known creature to naturally appear with more than two elements and no closed connections.

Some other examples:

  • Demons: all contain Spirit, Will, and Fire connected to one another. Anything with this trio falls under the Demon family.
  • Fae: all contain Spirit, Order, and Earth connected to one another. Anything with this trio falls under the Fae family.

Known Principles of Elemental Composition:

  • Connections between elements must be a straight line. In this way, Will and Life cannot connect without connecting to Air.
  • Connections cannot cross. Fire and Air cannot connect if Will and Spirit already do.
  • The more elements a being possesses, the more complex and powerful it tends to be.
  • The more connections a being possesses, the more resilient and strong it tends to be.
  • Beings can forge new connections and gain mastery over new elements given the time, training, and determination. Gaining mastery over an element and making it part of themselves is a great distinction for wizards. For one to gain mastery over two or more is a rare accomplishment.
  • Beings cannot exist without at least one closed system within themselves. Humans are the sole exception and, as a result, are more fragile than many other beings.
  • Humans are the only known exception to another rule. Some humans are born with connections between their Life and Will, Life and Control, or with a connection to Death to Spirit. Mysteriously, the people with connections between Life and Will lack mastery or connection to Air. The same is true of those with connections between Life and Control but with Water. These people show affinities to the elements they skip over, but no more. People of the natures are known as Mediums (Spirit-Death), Psychics (Will-Life), and Witches (Order-Life).