5/17/20 – State of my Drawers

Hello to all you Ghosts and Ghouls!  This is your 5th favorite Ghostmaster Matt.  I thought I’d post a bit of an update and let you know how we are all doing in these covid times.

First and foremost we are all still healthy.  Well, I should say rather that we aren’t any less healthy than we were before.  Covid free since ’93, or whatever.  I hope you all can say the same and those of you that can’t recovered quickly and without incident.

Secondly, and I’m sure more likely what you are actually interested in, the state of our recordings.  As you know EctoCast is currently off-season.  Well I had wanted to start recording last month, but lockdowns have happened and that has pushed off the start of season 2.  As I’m sure you are all aware, and enjoying tremendously, we have been putting out some one-shots.  First Sexy Battle Wizards, then Mothership, and starting tomorrow we will be releasing the End of the World: Ragnarok. 

In truth, End of the World: Ragnarok is our test run. “Test run!” I hear you all shout in unison, please don’t do that again, you will scare the neighbors.  Yes, a test run to see how well we can record separately from our individual homes, if the quality will stand up to our “standards”, shut up ok, we have standards, and finally if we can manage as a group to squeeze the time into our schedules. 

But, I can hear you start, you should all have more free time!  You are correct, it is just not the correct sort of free time.  So far things are looking good, but I’m glad we are running this test since we have hit a few snags, snafoos, and half-walls in our dash through these covid times.

So hopefully a few more weeks and a few more recordings and we’ll be ready to start recording EctoCast again, bringing your (possibly) favorite Ghostbusters back into your lives to distract you.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure you all knew what was going on.  I hope you are all staying safe.  Know that we are doing our best and will continue to bring you “entertainment”!