Outside of our main campaigns we plan to run many one-shots.  What is a one-shot?  It’s a short self-contained run of a specific story, system, or both.  Please enjoy!

Sexy Battle Wizards.

Sexy Battle Wizards is a one-page RPG created by Grant Howitt, which can be found at

You play Sexy Battle Wizards who attempt to save the world, whether the world wants it or not!

Join Ben as he runs Matt, Dawn, Kevin, and Mike through the sexiest one-shot that has ever been created by mankind.


Mothership is a space horror RPG brought to you by Tuesday Knight Games,

Ghostmaster Matt leads the intrepid crew through the Haunting of Epsilon 14, an official module.  The ship is crewed by Dawn, Kevin, Jose, and newcomers to the Podcast Chris and Dan.  Will they survive their time on Epsilon 14?  Only one way to find out!

End of the World: Ragnarok

Welcome Ghouls and Ghosts to the End of the World! Heimdall has blown the great gjallarhorn and soon the last great battle will begin. Will our heroes make a difference, or will they hide as the world burns around them?

Our first attempt at recording online. Ghostmaster Matt runs Ben, Brad, Jose, and Kevin through the End of the World.  Ragnarok has come and all will be held accountable.

Episodes currently releasing, watch this space!