EctoCast Ep0: Libraries Are Fun!

Once upon a time, there was a man named Matt who invited his friends to play a Ghostbusters RPG. He said he’d run it for them since he had read all the comics, watched all the movies and shows, and played all the video games. You see, Matt was a big nerd. He gathered his wife Dawn, and friends Brad, Ben, and Kevin to make characters. Dawn would play Frankie, the daughter of Egon. Brad would play John, a veteran. Ben would play Mason, an Eagle Scout. And KEvin would play Ed the 4th, an idiot. They set a date to game online and then Matt put things into motion. He ran the session, secretly recording everyone, then editted it knowing that once the naracists he gathred to play heard themselves playing, they would fall into his trap: to make an actual play Ghostbusters RPG podcast. This is their story…

Note: the audio of this episode is awful. Luckily, it is not strictly necessary to the story. Listen to it if you please, but feel free to start with EctoCast Ep1: Welcome Home.

  • Mason is played by Ben
  • Frankie     is played by Dawn
  • John is played by Brad
  • Ed the 4th is played by Kevin


  • The Ghostmaster is Matt

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