EctoCast Ep1: Welcome Home

Don’t let the penises…peni?…penis’?…the repeated utterance of penis fool you! We are all full-grown adults and one of us is even a woman!

In any case, welcome to the premier episode of EctoCast! Some say there is a secret episode 0 that was done without the players knowing they were being recorded, but if such a thing existed or had happened it would be here and Matt, the Ghostmaster, would be very ashamed of himself. Right?…

This here is genuine fluorescent green positive gold! Listen as Mason, Frankie, John, and the Eds make their way to Washington D.C. to move into their “new” franchise location and get settled in.

  • Mason is played by Ben
  • Frankie     is played by Dawn
  • John is played by Brad
  • Ed the 4th is played by Kevin


  • The Ghostmaster is Matt

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