EctoCast: S1Em14 – Side Businesses

EctoCast: S1Em14 – Side Businesses

EctoCast: S1Em14 - Side Businesses

Somehow Ed convinces Mason to work a shift at Cubraker Moving Pictures, the boys discuss their favorite films.  Then Mason and John decide there’s no time like the present to interview for the hotel restaurant.  We hear two of the best interviews out of dozens.


  • Mason is played by Ben
  • Frankie is played by Dawn
  • John is played by Brad
  • Ed Girls are played by Emily
  • Ed the 4th is played by Kevin


  • The Ghostmaster is Matt

Music from this episode can be found on

The songs in this episode are:

Waltz: Death and the Beauty by Dee Yan-Kee

Eye of Oblivion by Mid-Air Machine


Dance of the Stargazer by U.S. Army Blues

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