The world always knew there were monsters under the bed. The world knew there were boogeymen in closets. The world knows there are things in the woods. Things neither human, nor animal. The world has turned a blind eye on these known things.

There is one emotion that can barricade a person’s natural desire to know what’s out there in the world. Fear.

One day something changed. Something forced that fearful world to break down the barricade and fight. Fight or be defeated. Defeat is not an option.

Welcome to the new world of Unbroken.

Join Boris, Sasha, Walter, Nora, and Jacob as they navigate the new world order in this modern urban fantasy setting.

Boris, The Immortal
Sasha, The Oracle
Walter, The Aware
Nora, The Fae
Jacob, The Tainted

Unbroken – Ep 1: No Country for Old Estates

Hell Is Empty – Part 1: Boris, Nora, and Jacob group up to discuss their plans moving forward and decide to follow in their leader’s mysterious footsteps. Sasha and Walter, in the aftermath of the shooting, are left short handed in their assignment to track down the remains of the Terrorist Cell as they follow...

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Unbroken – Ep 0.5: Walter and the Case of the Missing Child

A Minisode starring Walter. Meet Walter as Mike and Kevin discuss Walter’s creation then hear Walter’s first interaction with the supernatural. To conclude, learn about Vampires in the World of Unbroken in the premiere segment of “Fact or Fiction?”

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Unbroken – Ep 0: The Beginning

The mechanical and meta intro to the story of Unbroken. Join the group as GM Kevin leads newcomer Mike through character creation in Urban Shadows. Then listen to the group talk about Unbroken: what to expect from their characters, the world, and maybe a little story.   Boris is played by Matt Sasha is played...

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Unbroken – Prologue

The narrative intro to the story of Unbroken. Boris, Sasha, Walter, Nora, and Jacob find themselves in a world they no longer recognize and must adapt or die.   Boris is played by Matt Sasha is played by Dawn Walter is played by Mike Nora is played by Emily Jacob is played by Brad The...

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